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newsasfacts provides the most important news around the world in an unbiased and concise manner.

Our mission is to keep everyone well-informed about global events as efficiently as possible while respecting the reader's privacy and having no advertisements.

Neutral news is difficult to find. News media survives on profits, and the power to decide what the public sees rests in the special interests of a select few. Wikipedia, however, minimizes these drawbacks. Wikipedia is an open-collaborative online encyclopedia hosted by the non-profit Wikimedia Foundation. On Wikipedia, information is democratized, facts are verified, and neutrality is fundamental.

The content displayed on newsasfacts is retrieved from the English Wikipedia. We parse the current events deemed important by the open Wikipedia community and present them in the most accessible and readable format we can think of.

Because we rely on Wikipedia, 50% of our profits will be donated to the Wikimedia Foundation.

We're a husband and wife team living in Boston, Massachusetts.